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Film Scores

Welcome to the page containing all of my film scores over the years.

Harold and the Purple Crayon (Re-Score)


This is a re-score of the classic Harold and the Purple Crayon animation based on the children's book.  I scored this for a sinfonietta ensemble.  This project was recorded at Warner Concert Hall in Oberlin, OH by the Oberlin Sinfonietta Ensemble directed under Tim Weiss.

Hanna Opening Scene (Re-Score)


I chose to do a re-score of the first 5 minutes of the 2011 movie Hanna.  The original scene has no soundtrack, so I had a clean slate to work with here.  The end result is a sinfonietta ensemble with a few electronic elements.



Accidents is a short film I scored for director and peer Alba Robledo Diaz.  She and I worked closely together to come up with the right soundtrack for this film.  The film touches on the topic of euthanasia among older folks.



Lovestruck was my first attempt at a comedy film.  It was directed by one of my close friends Jaden Weiss.  The film focuses around a girl in a library trying to get a guys attention, but failing at every attempt.



Insomnia was my first ever film score using professional samples.  I fully orchestrated this film directed by my good friend Jaden Weiss.  The film is psychological and hides many deeper meaning throughout.

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