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Noise and Buttons

Welcome to the "Noise and Buttons" official project page!


About - Music for Children

I am autistic and as such, am an advocate and supporter of autistic and neurodivergent people everywhere.  I am currently working on this unnamed application that is for neurodivergent children to be able to make and understand music using tactile sensory-friendly controls.  The app randomly produces music that can be manipulated through Tempo, Rhythm, Timbre, and Harmony.  It is a sensory-friendly teaching tool originally meant for the autistic/neurodivergent community. As development has proceeded, the app has become more.  This project was used for my Junior TIMARA recital where various musicians and I improvised with the app onstage producing a unique and memorable performance and an understanding of how the app works.


Roadmap - Music for Children

Noise and Buttons currently has 3 modes: a harmony generator, beat maker, and a combined player that uses both.  The app currently stands as a beta built from Max MSP.  This version is currently a demo for what the final build of the app will be.  Next steps for declaring 1.0 are as follows:


1: Re-program the app in a different programming environment to ensure compatibility.

2: Create a score generator feature that allows the user to create visual scores of their button presses that they can revisit anytime.  Along with this will be the option to save these scores as files that the app can open on any computer.

3: Design new hardware modules that go beyond only pressing buttons.  Examples of these would be knobs and sliders, touchpads and even modified toys with sensors that control the music.

4: Organize the app with lessons that the user can go through to teach them basics about not only the app, but music as a whole.  An example of a lesson could be a set of lessons explaining tempo.  This lesson could talk about what tempo is and even use the interfaces to guide the user through the lesson.

5: Fix bugs and overall stability of the app.


Examples - Music for Children

Noise and Buttons Introduction Video

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