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Summer Memories

Summer Memories Album Cover.jpg

Welcome to an in-depth look at "Summer Memories."  Here you can learn about the origin of the EP and the songs included in it.

About the EP

About the EP



After finishing my first major work "Sounds of the Biomes", I started planning ideas for a new album.  As I was doing this, I looked back at two songs I wrote in the past summer.  These songs both hold special memories that I have wanted to share for a while.  I thought of releasing them both as singles, but I noticed that they both had something in common: they are summer memories.  With these two songs already written, I wanted to create an EP with the theme of memories I have collected from the summer time.  These memories are not all the same.  One of them is a very happy memory, and the other one was rather annoying (but still fun).  Along with these two songs and the memories they hold, I wanted to add a third track that describes my feelings when I think about them.  



The EP



The EP is all about memories of the summer.  This will be the second work I will have released on music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.  Unlike "Sounds of the Biomes", the songs in "Summer Memories" are alternative pop songs.  I wanted to say a lot in just these three songs, therefore, the songs are longer than the average length of a pop song.  The music uses ideas from many other genres such as R&B, jazz, and electronic music.  The music also focuses on irregular harmonies and rhythm.  The harmonies are not standard in the pop genre but can be in the jazz genre.  The rhythm sometimes feels off the beat or has a strange feel like in R&B or jazz.  Finally, the timbre varies in each song from light to dark tones.  These changes are inspired by the transitions DJ's do when building up a track for a bass drop or crossfading two tracks.  Each song is also in a sense emotional.  I tried to convey this with the album cover complimenting the music.  I designed it with small memories from past summers either written down or shown with images.  Overall, I tried a lot of experimentation with these three tracks and how they connect to each other.

Album Layout



The EP contains 3 songs that I wrote during different summers of my life.  The songs are in the order of "Freest One", "Delayed, AGAIN?", and "Thinking About the Summer".  The first song is about leaving high school and being free of its grasp (featuring vocals by Lexie Jorgensen).  The second song is an instrumental song about the experience of a major delayed flight.  The final song is about the times I spend with my friends and the feelings I have when I think about those times. 

Main Songs in the EP

The Pieces in the EP


Freest One (feat. Lexie Jorgensen)


I started the main beat for this song a couple of years ago and left it while working on other projects.  When I revisited it, I decided to add lyrics to it.  I use lyrics from a friend at high school who wrote a poem about being free and letting go of your worries.  This song to me is about my experience of leaving High School for a better future.  Overall, I was leaving the troubles of high school behind me.  The song is slow and uses jazzy chord progressions throughout.  Lexie Jorgensen is the singer in this track.


Delayed, AGAIN?


Ever been stuck at an airport waiting for a delayed flight?  We all have.  But then have you ever had to deal with an inexperienced pilot flying the aircraft you were waiting for with ice dripping from the air conditioner?  That's a whole story. Luckily, I had music to calm me down.  However, instead of listening, I was writing.  "Delayed, AGAIN?" is meant to calm you down during rough flights, delays or any other inconveniences you may experience at the airport.


Thinking About the Summer


(Description Coming Soon)


Listen to the EP

Listen to the EP
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