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Concert and Fixed Media Music

Welcome to the page containing a selection of concert pieces and fixed-media pieces I have written.

Breakdown (Live)


Breakdown was an organized improvisation between synth and percussion.  The score consisted of a repeating chord progression with instructions for the players to improvise off of the chord progression.

Variations on a Messiaen Melody


This was a project I did in my freshman year of college to write a theme and variations off of another composer's music.  I chose this fun melody from Olivier Messiaen's Ondes Martenot music.  It is scored for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Bass.

Engine Malfunction


Engine Malfunction is my attempt at creating a harsh fixed-media noise piece.  Every sound was created using the Prophet 12 synthesizer, along with some drum samples and Moog bass parts.

Other Music


All of my other music can be found on my SoundCloud:

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